San Antonio Medical Foundation all well & good.

They say that success breeds success. For the San Antonio Medical Foundation, the original goals of bringing a medical school and better healthcare to this region succeeded years ago. But our work didn’t stop there. After 76 years of overseeing the creation, growth and influence of the South Texas Medical Center (STMC), we’ve seen healthcare, medicine and bioscience undergo unprecedented growth throughout the region. These sectors now contribute a local economic impact of $44.1 billion per year and employ one of every 5 people in the local workforce. Meanwhile, the STMC itself – with 600 developed acres and 200 additional acres still being planned – continues to be a vibrant force in medicine and a positive influence on our future. In short, we continue to find ways to make our families, our community, our entire society all well – and good.

For the full study by The University of Texas at San Antonio Institute for Economic Development download this STMC Econ Impact Study 2022